Monday, November 14, 2005

Opening in West Hartford, CT

I finally got a chance to visit this store on Sunday. According to some people who visited it on Friday, the place was extremely busy, so much so, that large swathes of shelves were bare! On Sunday the store was also very busy (around 4:30 PM). However, only a few shelf spaces were bare. The crew seemed in good spirits despite the crush and bustle of customers.

The store space seems larger than the typical stores I have visited on both coasts. The ceiling is quite high, so the decor seems a little sparse on some walls. Maybe the ceiling should have been dropped to create a cozier experience. Unfortunately, no beer and wine is sold here. They had a selection of artisan breads and rolls on display, though most of it was gone. All that I remember seeing was some pumpkin seed dinner rolls. A brief tour around did not reveal any Asian condiments other than soy sauce.

I went in hoping to find some ginger carrot soup, but alas, that shelf was bare.